Standard Alterations

Our services use high fashion couture sewing techniques to intricately alter wedding dresses and special gowns to ensure a perfect fit.

Restyle pre-loved items

Inherited a dress from friend or relative? Or found something special off the rack? We can restyle, retouch and alter your dress to make sure it looks even better than new.

Re-create your look

From creating a new neckline to adding sleeves, removing extra layer or simply adding an embellishment to your dress, we can transform your gown to perfectly fit your unique style.


  • Wedding dress Alterations
  • Restyling / Remodelling
  • Evening and Occasion wear alterations

If you have invested in a beautiful gown or evening dress it would be wise to add value to it by having it professionally altered and fitted nicely on your body

Book a consultation

We’d love to welcome you to our consultation studio to discuss your requirements.

During your appointment

Please bring the item you would like to alter along and we’ll discuss together about what you’re looking for. It is necessary to bring shoes and the appropriate underwear in in most cases. Our expert fitters will offer suggestions, helping you decide on necessary alterations, embellishments and the perfect fit.

Perfecting your dress

Where possible we advise that you book an appointment with us 1 to 2 months before the event, You need to feel completely happy with your dress, after any necessary changes, so we like to leave enough time for further fittings and final adjustments.

However, We are able to work with tighter deadlines and can do alterations less than a 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the work.